Your vote your voice

On October 22nd, vote for CHANGE. Vote Maralyn Tassone for Ward 2 Councillor.


Clarington of the future requires SMART GROWTH.

We need to grow our businesses, our economy and our skilled labour force. We need to grow our agriculture, our tourism, our transit, our housing, our diversity, our services, our innovations.

Imagine a Clarington that grows towards the future and balances the needs of ALL of us, within a healthy, thriving environment and ecosystem.


Clarington of the future has to care, about each and every one of us.

We are young, we are old, we are differently abled. We are rural, we are urban. We are rich, we are poor, we are healthy and we are sick.  We have families, we are alone, we are communities. We have been here for generations, we are newcomers. We are many identities.

Imagine a Clarington where we really, really CARE about each other. It starts with a respectful, collaborative and inclusive council chambers.


Clarington of the future will bring new risks. The safety, protection and well-being of our town core, our residents, our schools, our core infrastructure and our properties require us to prepare and plan for all hazards.

No matter how large or small, ALL emergencies start at the local level.

Imagine a Clarington that is proactive rather than reactive, than ensures our ongoing safety and security, meeting the risks of the future with leadership, resources and the will to always do better.