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Growing Clarington. Imagine more!

When Clarington attracts and supports businesses and agriculture both big and small, when Clarington has GOOD jobs, when Clarington has the infrastructure and housing to support growth, when Clarington attracts tourists AND grows our environment... only then can families work, thrive and contribute RIGHT HERE, in our municipality. Growing together.

Maralyn believes that a strong, vibrant economy (balanced with a strong, vibrant environment) is key for the future of Clarington and all of our residents.

Caring for Clarington. Imagine more!

Clarington only does well when we ALL do well.

When ALL of our residents are supported to be healthy, when all of our residents are included, when all of our residents can contribute... only then can we say that Clarington is the best place on earth to live. Overall well-being includes such things as access to good employment,  sports, arts, and natural spaces.

Caring also means local government understands that you are our sole reason for existence and we represent your urban and rural interests. Local government accountability, accessibility and transparency ensures that that you stay at the centre.

Maralyn believes that diverse, inclusive and caring communities make up the fabric of Clarington. Our people are key to the future of Clarington.

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Protecting Clarington. Imagine more!

No matter how large or small, ALL emergencies start at the local level.

The safety, protection and well-being of our towns, our residents, our schools, our core infrastructure and our properties require us to prepare and plan for the hazards of the future.

Maralyn believes that investing in the safety and security of Clarington is key for being ready for the hazards of the future and overall community safety. When Clarington meets the future, we will be ready.